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Tour de Fleece: 11 Wheels and Counting... Pt. 2

Last time I wrote, I shared my thought process behind acquiring spinning wheels. I should have added that handspinners will also collect wheels just because they can and desire to do so.

As far as the 11-Wheel challenge, I feel as though I have been pretty successful during this year's Tour de Fleece. I spun on EACH wheel *gasp*. I also lead my own team this year: Team HK: Beauty and the Fleece on Ravelry and Facebook. It was both a blast and a TON of work! (If you are unfamiliar with the Tour de Fleece and want to know more about the Tour, check out this article.)

Leading a team takes a whole lot of work and dedication, but it was so worth it! It was a complete JOY to see the progress of each team member's work. The determination everyone had to continue to spin and ply and finish their handspun yarn during the Tour was unbelievable. One of my favorite things about the Tour was the challenge days! It gives the spinner an opportunity to really push and challenge themselves without tons of pressure. The outcome of this year's Tour makes me so excited to do it again for next year. Same team, same place. Let's do it again.

Now for the results:

14 Skeins and Counting... One bobbin unplied!

From right to left:

Vintage Wedding Batts (yellow) 3-ply --173.75 yds

Cashmerino from Top Navajo 3-ply ---- 56.22 yds

Huacaya Alpaca from Fleece 2-ply ------ ~140 yds

Lincoln Longwool 2 ply (mini A) --------- 10.44 yds

Bobbin of Sweet Georgia singles -------- unknown

Lincoln Longwool Coreless single ------- 56.38 yds

Black Fine Wool / Nylon blend 2-ply ---- 81.77 yds

Continuing from right to left:

2 skeins Mixed wool roving 2-ply -- 159.50 yds

Lincoln Longwool 2-ply (mini B) ----- 33.22 yds

Dutch Swifter woolen 2-ply ---------- 124.25 yds

Dutch Swifter worsted spun 2-ply --- 28.44 yds

Knitted Wit merino 2-ply -------------- 67.22 yds

2018 Tour de Fleece Goals:​

1. Spin on a yarn ALL 11 wheels! Complete!

2. Spin a new breed: Dutch Swifter. Complete!

3. Use the Lendrum Vintage Super Jumbo Flyer. Complete!

4. Spin down the processed alpaca! Complete!

Have fun the WHOLE time! Complete!

I managed to do all of these things and ended up with a ton of yarn that I am very proud to own (approximately 931.19 counted yards in different breeds, types, weights and sizes). If I could do it all over again, I definitely wouldn't change a thing. I learned so much about each individual wheel and I am definitely a proud owner. Just typing this makes me want to run to my handspun yarn stash and squish the skeins ever so tightly...

Now, It is Your Turn!:

Spinner Questions: Have you ever spun for Tour de Fleece? What has been your experience?

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