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Routines, New Itineraries, and Taking Over Vogue Knitting Live!

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Warm blood orange loose leaf tea with hap project in tow.

A Great Routine

I spent the past few weeks tweaking my daily routine. Keeping up with a household consisting of two boys (ages 6 and 10) and an attention-loving Morkie is enough to have this mama running left and right. This year, both of my boys are going to school as full-time students. Goodbye half-day kindergarten! This means that they have a new routine for the morning, which will take some getting used to—for everyone. Thankfully, the first week of school went really smooth for them so it looks like our morning routine is effective.

As for me? Well, this has been an interesting transition and time of reflection. This end-of-the-summer transition has allowed me to take the necessary time to revisit my vision and goals for the future. I really want to focus on balance and not losing sight of what matters the most in life. I am a woman of faith, a spirit-filled being, and I care deeply about the well-being of others. My routine starts with devotional time with my Maker, which includes expressions of gratitude, stillness, journaling, and receiving clarity and direction for the day. I am a vivid dreamer and will often have dreams of creative ideas and even interesting color combinations that will come to me as I am sleeping. I always write them down to revisit. (It gets me super-excited to begin my next dye session, too.) With this essential start, I get a sense that the day is already a victorious one. I know that I will encounter someone to inspire, encourage, uplift, love and shower joy into their life in some way. It makes my heart and soul happy! I also have clarity for the day.

With a refreshed mind, I am ready to get a move on! So my new 'normal' includes a more consistent workout schedule because spinning on a wheel isn't enough, apparently. Haha!

Wait, stop the blog! Did she just say "workout"?!

inspiration, nature walk, florals
Being greeted with smiles from nature on yesterday's run.

Yeah, I did... A workout routine is in order. Let me just say that for my journey, it's not about a certain size or number on the scale. I love me in all the ways and the curves I've got, but I do want to make sure I am physically active. My new workout routine involves walking and running daily. Why? It is nice change of pace for me because I sit a lot while crocheting, knitting, and spinning. Plus, I have more 'free time' in the morning after the boys head off to school so I can get a set time to go everyday. *fist pumps* When I return, I am ready to grab a few projects and a drink of my choice.

While having a nice cup of coffee is a fantastic boost, I also have a stash of tea that I whip out, especially as Autumn approaches. This is the perfect moment to admit that I am a picky tea person. My favorite types of tea are available as loose leaf, and I do have a local tea shop that I visit and I try not to go too often. They really could take ALL of my money if I were next door to them! The aromas just make me want to sing... and two-step. Then, I can settle down with my project in tow. (I am tempted to make a soothing cup of tea right now!)

New Itineraries

I have two new announcements and new places to go for 2020!

Before I get to that, here's a reminder for you. Right around the corner is

  • Stitches SLC event in Salt Lake City, Utah October 2-5, 2019

  • Vogue Knitting Live Columbus, Ohio November 1-3, 2019

I am teaching at both events, but I am also vending at the Columbus, Ohio event. Be sure to register ahead of time, I hope to see you there. For event details, check out the link: Please note: Vogue Knitting Live Columbus, Ohio early bird pricing ends on September 3rd!

Announcement Time! Guess what?!

Right after teaching at Stitches Midwest, I was asked by Stitches to come and teach at the STITCHES WEST 2020 event in California next year! Woot woot!!! I just signed the contract for the event this morning. *squeals* Instead of four classes, I am offering five! The new class is called, Lustrous Longwools. The class preview is LIVE on the Stitches site. Registration for the classes will not open until September 3rd, but check it out and save the dates: February 20 - 23, 2020. I hope to see you there!

There's More... Guess what ELSE?!

I am scheduled to teach at PLY AWAY 5 in Kansas City, Mo!!! Some friends of mine gave me firm nudges to apply to teach there, and I did. I got accepted as a teacher. When I received the acceptance email, I screamed so loud. I almost lost my voice!!! Thank you for the nudges and encouragement.

Save the date for open registration: October 12, 2019 and the dates for the event, April 14th - 18th, 2020. I am stoked! Will I see you there?

The Takeover with Vogue Knitting Live!

With permission (of course), I was given the opportunity to TAKEOVER Vogue Knitting Live's Instagram page for the day. What a blast it was! It was my very first social media takeover event! On Friday, August 23rd, I logged into their Instagram page @vogueknitlive and shared some information about me, my current projects, and the classes I am teaching November 1-3 for Vogue Knitting Live Columbus. I had the pleasure of hosting a giveaway on my Instagram page (@heavenlyknitchet). The giveaway included the Buckeye Day Tripper package (one free class, one free lecture, and free marketplace tickets) and the winner was @laurenknitsalot. She also won her choice of either fiber or handspun yarn that will be available at my booth. It was a joy to share a bit about me, my fiber arts passion, and why I love teaching with everyone. I look forward to seeing so many people in Columbus. Thank you all for participating in the Takeover. November 1st-3rd will be a weekend to remember.

Now it's your turn!

1. Do you have a daily routine in place for crafting? If so, is it working for you or need some tweaking?

2. Do you prefer tea, coffee, or neither?

3. Where is the farthest you have traveled to invest in your knit, crochet, or spinning skills?

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