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Exciting News! YarnCon 2018

What have I been up to since the start of the year? Lots and lots of new and exciting news!

First up is YarnCon 2018! I am both a vendor and a teacher for YarnCon in Chicago, IL. I have two workshops being offered:

Think Outside The Braid! is a 2-hr workshop that aims to get handspinners thinking outside the box to avoid the dreaded creative ruts! Knowing how to apply color theory and using handdyed combed top braids in unexpected ways can give hand spinners a great deal of confidence when spinning.

When you leave the workshop, my hope is that you will want to you revisit the braids in your stash and creatively spin them with the desired yarn outcome in mind.

You can register here if you are ready to Think Outside The Braid!

Fiber Preparation Workshop

In one hour, learn how to perfect your prepping skills. This hands-on workshop will allow you to try different prep methods. Find out which tools will yield the best results for the fibers and type of yarns you enjoy spinning the most. Learn everything you need to be well on your way to Prep Like a Pro! Register here!


In the event that you miss a live session, you can watch the replays on the same page! Simply scroll and find the video you'd like to replay! That is all for now! I hope you all are having a great and exciting start to this year. I will return with more information about my latest work and additions to the website! Until next time, Lovelies! Have a great day!

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