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Happy New Year! 2018 is Phenomenal

Resolutions, anyone?

I have come to terms that I have ZERO official resolutions for 2018. Maybe it is just me, but it is almost as if making a list of resolutions produces a temporary excitement of focus or ambition on certain areas that don't necessarily stick throughout the year. Resolutions can seem like a long list of wants. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with a want, but a short-term want that requires long-term action just lingers as a want. Don't you care about personal development? Absolutely! However, instead of resolutions, I would like to focus on great habits. 21 days for a new habit THEN 90 days for a lifestyle. I have a lot of new habits I would like to create to replace old habits. Those habits will gradually transform into a way of living. How does this translate to knitting, crocheting, spinning and fashion?

Well, many of you know I have REALLY BIG dreams– build a fiber/yarn shop, become a level 3 master knitter, become a master of advanced crochet stitches and another specialized area, become a master spinner (COE) with area of specialty and master dyer (COE) as well as other things. I am so passionate about the fiber arts, and I know it is where I belong. I wake up ready to learn something new and to try and outdo my latest work. Everything just flows and connects for me in this field and I know I have major things I would like to do and it will take a lot on my part to get 'there'. The pictures of my desires are clearer everyday, and it takes a lot of work and a laser focus to accomplish huge goals. I have always seen myself as my biggest 'competition' because I see everyone else's work as an expression of themselves. I always ask the question, "How can I be better?"

I don't believe in competing with other people, but celebrating them for their differences.

The best competition for the day at hand is yesterday's self.

My approach this year is to make target boards and hit the BULLSEYE on each and every one. I don't see a reason as to why I can't, and every reason that tries to creep in, just comes as intimidation and fear. Walking into unknown territory can seem scary, but faith can take you where fear will never allow. No fears, no limits. Just my imagination and plans to make it happen. This year is a year of major impact, and I can't wait to watch it all unfold and continue to encourage and uplift others with my art and unique expression of it. So... What's New?

A few months ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone to become a vendor at a large indie yarn and fiber event in Chicago called YarnCon. I was accepted (YAY!), and I also submit teaching proposals for the same show so I should hear the news soon, hopefully. The other things I have coming up are teaching events through my local guild. The first event is on January 27th. It is all about alpaca processing. The second event will take place in November 17th and will focus on fractal spinning. I have quite a few other things up my sleeve, and I really would like to get a Breed and Fiber Study Group going after I work out some kinks in my planning. I welcome this New Year with lots of excitement! Stay tuned for the next 'chapter', if you will, of Heavenly Knitchet. I can't wait to bring all my ideas to life.

Because I can't end a post without some sort of yarnie goodness, I will share a swatch from the commission project I am working on. Happy New Year! I hope you are ready to bring your awesomeness into the year as well. Feel free to share your plans for the year below!

Bolt Tee Sample Swatch
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