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'Tis the Season to Knit More Sweaters!

Merry Christmas to ALL of you out there! I just had to step back from the busy holiday season and take a bit of a breather. I am glad to be back at the blog! A few blog posts back, I took up the NaKniSweMo challenge. I completed the challenge of designing and knitting a sweater for a recipient (as a complete surprise). Just a week ago, I mailed out the completed sweater and the recipient was overjoyed to receive it. Fit was perfect. My heart = superhappy! The second challenge was to finish my own tunic *cough* overachiever haha. I did not complete the sleeves on my golden tunic by the end of November. However, it is in a really cute project bag just staring me down and waiting to be completed. I will get to you, tunic! :)

A few days ago, I received a commission knit project for a tee designed by Laura Bryant. Much thanks to a wonderful friend and fiber artist for sending me the referral! I am really excited to see this piece come to life. It uses 8 skeins Prism Delicate Layers yarn in exquisite colors (shown in the pic below), 2 strands held together at a time. I am beyond excited for this new project that I used a photo of the lovely yarn to wish all of you Lovelies, Merry Christmas! Right now, I am in the early swatching stages. YES, I am the MASCOT for making swatches because fit is so very important. Oh and in case you missed the message on my social media sites:

Merry Christmas

Yes, look at that yarn and drool and it is so very soft. Okay, you can stop drooling now.

Now that WINTER is in full effect here in Chicago, it is feels nice on the hands and soul to dive more into the different fibers and yarn. The snowfall started the day before Christmas... talk about perfect timing. Along with this commission project, I have a few spinning commissions that will bring me into the New Year with busy hands. My, oh my, I will definitely stay warm with the fleece and fiber I will have around me everyday. I cannot wait to grab several cups of coffee and tea and bundle up in my favorite blankets.

As the year wraps up and comes to a close, I usually take a lot of time to reflect on what I have achieved and evaluate. Except this year is a bit different, I am taking major leaps forward and thinking much further ahead as if 2018 has already started. I am getting a clearer picture as to the things I see and grabbing ahold of those things by making action plans. Regardless of what achievements I may have made in the past year or two, I know there's much more for me to accomplish and so many people to encourage and help throughout this journey. I hope you are enjoying the journey of Heavenly Knitchet. Lastly, here's the finished sweater from NaKniSweMo. It is a drop shoulder, box shaped design with stripes on the back of the garment:

Custom Design Sweater Front View

Custom Designed Sweater

Now it's your turn, Lovelies!

Knitter/Crocheter Questions: If you participated in NaKniSweMo/NaCroSweMo, did you finish your sweater? Did you have any holiday projects on your needles/hooks as gifts for Christmas and did you complete them in time?

Handspinner Question: What is your favorite fiber to spin in the colder months of the year?

Fashion Question: What is your favorite accessory to wear during the winter season?

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