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Tour de Fleece 2017 : The Finish Line!

The Tour de France is over and I really hope it was a success for those who have participated in the Tour de Fleece! I did managed to spin one more thing. It was a bump of Jacob that I bought last year at a local fiber fest. Considering the timing of unfortunate circumstances, I think I did a pretty good job this year. The main goal was for me to feel less stress and to meditate on lovely, peaceful, serene and relaxing things. I did plenty of that.

My Tour de Fleece Goals

In addition, I put one of my new journals to use and wrote out my TdF plan. I failed to note the other plans I had which included spinning with friends, making batts, and also processing fleece. I managed to do all of those things even though I wasn’t able to check every single thing off of the official spinning to-do list. On the last few days of the race, I have been feeling under the weather and very weak. Ugh. I did pick up some knitting and crocheting in the meantime. So I declare the tour a success! Now that the Tour de Fleece is over, we can ALL wipe the sweat off of our brows.

A Huge Congratulations to You for Running the Race!

My Tour de Fleece 2017

I hope you are pleased with meeting your goals! I am still making plans for using the yarn that I spun. Going forward, I plan to spin the other half of the Jacob bump during some down time whenever that is, lol! Here's what the remaining amount looks like.

Remaining Jacob's Bump

For the month of August, I will spin the alpaca I processed for a contract. That should be really FUN because soff silk is involved. Plus, I plan on launching something new for spinners… I am still working on the fine details, but the announcement will be sent through a newsletter.

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on the latest news and updates. Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe with your name and email. A super huge thanks to you for swinging by, and I am really enjoying the comments. Please keep them coming!

Now it is your turn, Lovelies!

Handspinner Questions: Did you meet your goals for this year's TdF? Have you made any plans for your handspun yarn besides petting it?

Knitter/Crocheter Question: Did you complete any projects during the Tour de Fleece? Share your story.

General Questions: If you have watched the TdF, how do you feel about the race this year? What were your favorite moments when watching the race?

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