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My definition of a Fiberista is one who has a deep appreciation and passion for the world of fiber arts. That includes but is not limited to those who are makers (i.e. knitters, crocheters, weavers, etc.) as well as people who enjoy and appreciate the time and labor put into those handcrafted works of art. It's not just about the fashion, it is about keeping the arts alive. Wear your bracelet with pride, you've earned it. 


Pick your size:

Size A fits a wrist of 6-1/2 inches. 

Size B fits a wrist of 7 inches. 

Size C fits a wrist size 7-1/2 to 8 inches. 


Cuff is 1/4" wide and 14 gauge.

Larger cuff is 1" wide and 14 gauge.


Please note: There are a limited amount currently in stock. If you have any questions about sizing, please inquire at These cuffs are ready to ship!

100% Aluminum

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