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Perendale wool 88%

Muga Silk 12%

less than 1% of red Eri silk


Each Bleu batt is processed entirely by hand. It starts from natural colors in a Perendale sheep's fleece. The entire fleece is first dyed, picked, and finally blended together on a drumcarder with Muga wild silk to get a delicate, light blue color as shown in the photos. The red Eri silk is added in small amounts for a tiny pop of color.


Spin it as you wish. Some vm may be present, but will fall out while spinning. 


This purchase supports a sheep farm in Oregon. Enjoy the poofy, peachy goodness!


This listing is for 1 batt weighing ~ 2 ounces.

Out of Stock

Handwash finished items in cool water. Gentle care is needed as this fiber can easily felt (if that is not your intention).

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