Unicorn Fibre 4 Oz Bottles

Unicorn Fibre 4 Oz Bottles


This listing is for one bottle of either Power Scour or Fibre Rinse. Power Scour is a great scouring agent for cleaning fleece. Fibre Rinse in the last rinse water conditions the fleece, restoring softness and leaves it feeling fresh.


Unicorn Fibre Power Scour 4 oz

Not only does it optimize cleaning of all natural fibers but it also removes the following:

  • Soil, Stains, and Odors
  • Lanolin and Oil
  • Wine Spills
  • Pet Stains


Other perks:

  • Reduces mats and tangles
  • Increases Fibre Yield
  • Non-yellowing
  • Cleans at low, energy-saving temperatures
  • Rinses easily, low suds
  • Leaves fibers with a clean, fresh aroma
  • high level biodegradability



Unicorn Fibre Fiber Rinse 4 oz

Fibre Rinse is an anti-static conditioner for fabrics, knitwear and fleece. Here are some perks:

  • Leaves fibres fresh, soft and cuddly
  • Reduces the itch factor
  • Great for after-dyeing projects
  • Prevents flyaways
  • Spinner's combing milk
  • Biodegradable
  • Earth Friendly
  • No fillers


Instructions for use are listed on each label. Visit more information visit www.unicornfibre.com