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"Pleasant aromas."


70% Blue Faced Leicester

30% Trilobal Nylon

The Potpourri colorway was inspired by the many colors spotted in a fresh bowl of potpourri that sits on a table in my fiber studio. It features peach, corals, red orange, tan, brown, bright pink, and plum. Although each braid is dyed similarly, no two braids will look exactly the same. Some differences will occur due to the unique dye process. This braid was hand-painted using professional acid dyes to create one of a kind colors.


Oh, the possibilities...

  • This braid was dyed so that color sequences will repeat. 
  • If stripes are desired, you can spin from one end to the other.


This listing is for 1 braid weighing ~ 4.0 ounces.

Handwash finished items in cool water. Gentle care is needed as this fiber can easily felt (if that is not your intention).