Nature's Glory Rambouillet Pearl Fiber

Nature's Glory Rambouillet Pearl Fiber


67% Rambouillet

33% Pearl Fiber


This is a very unique blend of fibers. The colors shown are deep forest green, mellow green, chartreuse soft sky blue, olive, and midnight blue with purple. Although each braid is dyed similarly, no two braids will look exactly the same. Some differences will occur due to the unique dye process. 


Pearl Fiber is a biodegrable cellulose fiber that has been infused with pearl powder which contains natural amino acids and other trace elements. It is very soft and pairs with rambouillet beautifully. It is readily absorbs moisture, has a delightful hand. It feels silky, a bit wispy and is cool to the touch.


This listing is for 1 braid ~4.0 ounces.

Handwash finished items in cool water. Gentle care is needed as this fiber can easily felt (if that is not your intention).