Great Barrier Reef Shetland Rose Fiber

Great Barrier Reef Shetland Rose Fiber


Preorder Listing! Allow at least 2 weeks for the creation of your braid. No two braids will be identical but the dyes used are the exact same for each braid.


50% Shetland

50% Rose Fiber


Lots of bright colors such as turquoise, orange, red spots and brown, deep navy, deep violet and burnt orange. Although each braid is dyed similarly, no two braids will look exactly the same. Some differences will occur due to the unique dye process. 


Tip: My favorite way to spin this blend is by using a short forward draft being careful to not add too much twist. The spun result is really soft to the touch, slightly cool, has a beautiful sheen,  and, in my opinion, would be great for summer to early fall garments. 


Rose Fiber is a cellulose fiber made from the rose bushes. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and is very similar to bamboo as far as how it feels and spins. It is silky and wispy. 


This listing is for 1 braid ~4.0 ounces.


Smoke free, pet-friendly home (a satin angora and lionhead bunnies and Morkie).

Handwash finished items in cool water. Gentle care is needed as this fiber can easily felt (if that is not your intention).