Break Free and Soar - Set of 3!

Break Free and Soar - Set of 3!


Clearance Bundle: $30 for 3 braids.


"You are free to be you."


100% Polwarth Combed Top


Indulge in a handpainted combed top today. Each braid is dyed by hand using professional acid dyes. Break Free and Soar has cheerful colors perfect for springtime— golden yellow, soft yellow, spring green, turquiose, soft teal, light blue and dark blues.


Please note due to the unique process of handpainting fiber no two braids will look exactly the same. Every effort is made to present the colorway in its true colors. Photos may vary in appearance due to screen resolution differences.


This listing is for one set of 3 braids weighing just under 13 oz.

Handwash finished items in cool water. Gentle care is needed as this fiber can easily felt (if that is not your intention).